Driving Access, Quality and Affordability.

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Driving Access, Quality and Affordability.

95% of the US population live within 5 miles of a pharmacy.

Imagine a future where consumers can access healthcare services at their local pharmacy designed specifically to:

  • close gaps in care;
  • support employee wellness screening; and
  • identify undiagnosed conditions

This isn’t just a possibility…

eTrueNorth is making this a reality.

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Fitting Healthcare into Everyday Life

User-friendly Software that simplifies administrative processes for CLIA-Waived laboratories that conduct point-of-care testing.

A network of independent CLIA-waived laboratories located in retail pharmacies.

Pharmacy interactions now serve as an opportunity to close gaps in care.

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ePOCT Suite can be accessed via web or mobile technology and can be licensed as a suite or individual modules.

ePOCT Suite is designed specifically to meet the needs of the Point-of-Care Testing marketplace.

  • eReg POCT provides a comprehensive resource of regulatory requirements related to CLIA-Waived Laboratory management.

  • eP&P POCT is an easy to use, configurable set of CLIA-Waived laboratory policies & procedures designed for quick and easy regulatory compliance.

  • eTrain POCT keeps laboratory technicians at the top of their game with web-based training programs.

  • eQC POCT is a cloud-based software solution designed to streamline device inventory and documentation of quality control practices.

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Pharmacies are invited to join eLabNetwork upon demonstrating good laboratory practice and quality test results.

eLabNetwork is comprised of independent CLIA-waived laboratories located in retail pharmacies.

  • Reimbursement through eLabNetwork for wellness testing, self-pay vouchers, and health plan claim submission

  • Enhances patient management through point-of-care testing

  • Positively affect HEDIS and CMS Star Ratings

  • Provides value-add services to consumers

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Pharmacy interactions now double as an opportunity to discuss gaps in care and unused wellness benefits.

HealtheActions is the new standard in gap in care closure.

  • Empowers health delivery model for pharmacies

  • Conversations are driven by sophisticated software that connects health related claims and wellness program offerings

  • Gap closure may include immunizations, laboratory testing, medication management and referral to specific benefit programs available to the consumer

  • Upon care delivery, results are documented and claims submitted for reimbursement. Activity results are securely transmitted to the health plan and the consumer’s physician

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Our Mission


By leveraging the accessibility of retail pharmacies, we will expand the scope of services provided to consumers to be more effective and enhance the pharmacy’s value as a key participant in a multidisciplinary health care delivery model.


A world where high-quality, cost-efficient, accessible healthcare is available in every community.


Since 2013, helping individuals optimize their health through recognizing health-related factors that determine their personal “true north.” The key to affordable success is personalized recommendations designed to help individuals navigate their health journey.

Michael McEntee

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

An expert in wellness screenings, Michael founded Impact Health in 1987. He is now using his combined background in clinical laboratory medicine, clinical research and health management to bring laboratory testing to retail pharmacies.

Coral S. May

President & Co-Founder

For more than 20 years, Coral is a long-time advocate of using technology to facilitate behavior change and value to payers. She is widely considered an expert is leading innovative change in healthcare.

Michelle Miller

Vice President, Business Development

Michelle understands how health trends are driving cost and how healthcare technology can bring change to the industry. She is responsible for forming partnerships that help transform healthcare.

Steve Kendall

Vice President, Product Advancement

A proven 30-year veteran as a healthcare executive, Steve brings a strong background in preventive medicine, disease management, health and wellness business products.

Sharon Collins

Director, Laboratory Services

With a 30-year clinical background, Sharon has a rich history of implementing technology to better laboratory services.